100% Welcome Bonus

Fair Go Casino Welcome Bonus: 100%
Total Bonus: AU$1000
Casino Dingo 200% up to AU$1000
Total Bonus: AU$1400
Two-Up Casino 300% Welcome Bonus
Total Bonus: 300% Deposit Bonus
Cherry Gold Casino 200% Welcome Bonus
Total Bonus: 200% Deposit Bonus

The first impression that most players get from the new online casino depends on the welcome bonus they offer. With this bonus casinos are trying to attract players. But many new casinos go further and offer players much more than they could have expected.

For our team, the welcome bonus is an integral part of the online casino rankings, so we would like to explain to you in more detail why this is the case. We will tell you about the usual form of first deposit bonus as well as the welcome bonus without deposit. We will also tell you about online casinos that have an initial cash offer.

The welcome bonus isn’t just a gift. It is a bonus to the expected loyalty of a new client, which the casino offers to new players. It is usually accompanied by conditions that you must consider if you do not want to experience unexpected surprises. As a result, we will also analyze the bonus requirements more carefully. These requirements are more important for the welcome bonus than the promised bonus money.

Welcome Bonus FAQs

What is a Welcome Bonus?

The Welcome Bonus is a bonus or a set of offers for new casino players. As a rule, there is a first deposit bonus, which pays a certain percentage of the amount of the first deposit made to the casino account.

A typical example: if you make a deposit of AU$200 in the casino, you will receive an additional AU$200. You will then start the game with AU$400.

In return, you also agree to play a certain number of games before you ask for a withdrawal. Of course, this is just a bonus procedure. For casinos, the welcome bonus is primarily a tool to attract new customers to the casino.

For players, the Welcome Bonus is first and foremost free money! Because most of us play online to make money, not for nothing.

Online casinos compete and use the Welcome Bonus to stand out from the competition. That’s why different casinos also offer different bonuses. What everyone has in common is the first deposit bonus, but everything else is very flexible.

In casinos that have pokies or slot machines, they happily give away free spins to players. You can then play with free spins and receive a special prize as an additional bonus. Other casinos offer a full range of deposit bonuses. The welcome bonus offered by online casinos is often available for second deposits, etc. But in most cases, only the first deposits are rewarded, and on the next deposit the bonus percentage will change. If the fifth deposit is paid more than the fourth, the player will stay in the casino until he does so. In some casinos you can also participate in free lotteries, casino tournaments and VIP programs. It is always a pleasure to see what operators offer to new and loyal customers.

Are there any bonuses without deposit?

The welcome bonus of the casino without deposit is especially popular among players. This special bonus allows new players to earn money without paying their own money. These bonuses appear over and over again, but usually the conditions for receiving this bonus are also tricky, so it is rarely possible to earn a lot of money here.

But what could be better than free money from the casino? Besides, this money bonus is usually only part of the welcome bonus. If you make a deposit later, you will often receive an accredited cash bonus.

Where can I find the best Welcome Bonus?

The question of the best bonus depends on your decision, because it depends mainly on your preferences and conditions of receiving the bonus. On our website we have collected the best welcome bonuses for Australian players that you can find online. You should also have a good understanding of all the conditions at the casino. So make sure you pay attention to the fine print that describes all the requirements.

What to consider

Bonus by Carignan
Online casinos are not social security institutions. Therefore, there are conditions for receiving the bonus. They must be met before the bonus money can be received, and only then can the profit earned on the bonus money be paid.

The conditions for receiving the welcome bonus usually consist of several parts, but one of the most important is the minimum deposit. There are other conditions, such as maximum playing time. In addition, the rules of the game do not apply equally. Slot machines and Pokies may differ from video poker, blackjack or roulette.

If the bonus conditions are too complicated for you, you can contact support via free online chat and cancel the bonus. It is often very tedious to make a profit when the game still has a bonus that has not yet been fully unlocked. This can happen, for example, if the casino only accepts Pokies for bonus conditions, but you want to play blackjack.


The welcome bonus is usually a good thing for a player. However, attention should be paid to the fine print in terms of bonus conditions so as not to be surprised by unexpected details. In any case, it is always nice to get the bonus and increase the money from the first deposit.

Arnold Carignan | August 8, 2020 | Last Updated on: May 24, 2023