Online Pokies Australia 2020

Online pokies – another term often used to describe the Australian name of online slots, which is a favorite game of many players. Many people like to play Australian pokies at pubs, restaurants or land-based casinos.

People in Australia like to play video slots – another popular casino game that is played online. Players usually have the chance to try the software for free before playing for real money. They can play just for fun and see how the slot machine works and can come up with a great way to make money with a winning strategy. Free online pokies is available to anyone. You just need to find a website that offers this game.

Why is Pokies so popular in Australia?

Pokies in Australia

Pokies variants are really versatile. Major slot software providers such as Microgaming or Playtech welcome the gaming community every week with new and updated slot machines.

Here are some tips for online casinos with pokies games – often the payout percentage increases if you play with as many coins as possible. The process of playing Australian pokies is similar to playing video poker. When playing with the maximum number of coins the payouts for the best combination will be higher, which means the mathematical expectation of the game will increase. We also tried to analyze payouts based on the number of paylines, but there were no clear differences. Although games with more lines – over 100, have slightly higher payouts and on average they are over 96%. Games with 40-50 lines on the contrary have 95% payout, while other games have 95.5-95.8% payout.

What is the best choice, downloadable or flash games?

Playing the fruit machine as they are called in the UK is extremely popular – after all, one of the most affordable games to play at online casinos. Other games such as Baccarat, Poker, Craps or Roulette – they require some knowledge and skills to play.

Depending on the configuration and features of your home PC and your preferences you can choose Flash Pokies, but to start playing you need to install an adobe flash plugin. Or choose the download version, which will require timely software updates. In our opinion, playing the flash version of the game is much easier and faster.

Jackpot in Online Pokies

The next type of analysis is whether or not there is a jackpot. For most games with the Jackpot, the Jackpot payment percentage is lower. Payouts on such fields are on average only 92.5% – just three percentage points lower than pokies without the Jackpot.

In general, the theoretical payout percentage for games with the Jackpot can exceed 100% if the Jackpot is large enough. Unfortunately, we do not know what the probability of winning the Jackpot is in most pokies games.

Online Pokies from Various Software Vendors

Let’s see what games are offered in Australia by various software vendors.

The most popular software is NetEnt, its games have an average payout percentage of 96.2%, then goes Microgaming with 95.94%, then goes WMS with 95.78%. Novomatik, which is so loved by Europeans, offers only 95.2% overall, Playtech’s performance is worse at 94.9%.

As you can see, the difference between “generous” and “greedy” software exceeds one percent – it is quite a lot. Australian casinos are entitled to order a change in payout percentages once a month, so payouts in games can vary. We think that a respectable casino from RTG has a higher percentage, and other rogue casinos that give a hundred dollars without a deposit will have minimum payouts.

We also thought that the average payout percentage would increase due to competition among different online casinos, but the hypothesis was not confirmed. The maximum percentage of payments was in the 2019 games – 96.2%, and so it mostly fluctuates.

Large selection of games to suit all tastes

Well, now let’s look at the leaders and outsiders in individual rankings. Let’s start with the outsiders. As you might expect, these are slots with jackpots, and the bigger the jackpot, the lower the payout. The lowest percentage was given to the jackpot millionaires such as Mega Moolah and Major Million (both of Microgaming), which was about 88%.

As for slots without the jackpot, Relic Raiders and White King received 90% of the payout. In general, the best online slots from Microgaming and Playtech are mostly at the bottom of the table. But outsiders are less attractive to us, let’s take a look at the leaders table. Strange as it may seem, there are three Playtech games in the leading position, and all three are in the “special slots” category: Tropic Reels, Ocean Princess and Ugga Bugga. All these games are like multi-line video poker. First, the drums are spinning on the same line. When they stop, you can correct any number of symbols and start spins again, already on ten lines, each of which will have fixed symbols. It turns out that this game has a basic strategy, as in video poker, but there is a problem – if you do not know the frequency of loss of symbols on each reel, you will not know the optimal strategy! So in practice you will not get a theoretical 98.8%.

As for conventional slots, the leader is one of the most popular games from NetEnt – Blood Suckers with 98%. Second place is less popular in Australia video slots from the same manufacturer Kings of Chicago with 97.8%. Golden Tour is the third most popular game from PlayTech with 97.7%. The remaining slots offer over 97% of payouts, including popular ones such as ‘Lucky ladies Charm Deluxe’ and ‘Columbus’ (Novomatic), ‘Jack Hammer 1’ and ‘2’ (NetEnt), ‘Multi-Player Wheel of Weight’, ‘Supanova’ (Microgaming), ‘Highway Kings’, ‘a Night Out’, ‘Captain’s Treasure’, ‘Desert Treasure’ and ‘Fairytale’ (Playtech).

Bonuses and high risks

If you want to win back the bonus without much risk, you will also need a low-drawn game, because a high-drawn game will allow you to both win and lose a lot of money, even with high payouts. Also, if you don’t want to take any risks, you should play with minimum bets – this also greatly reduces your dispersity. In most cases, the number of lines in the game does not affect the dispersion and payout percentages. With the exception of classic slots, where the maximum payout can only be given on the last of the lines.


In general, our advice is for you: when choosing games, pay attention to the percentage of payments. The higher this percentage, the longer you can play, the higher your chances of winning. Although your chances of winning also depend on dispersion, so games with high dispersion will allow you to win more often, but you will lose more. On the online casino page you will see information about payouts.

Well, we wish you fun, good luck and success!