High Roller Casino Bonus – With Lots of Money in the Game

The term “High Roller” refers to a specific type of casino player. Such a player’s main character traits are: he takes a lot of risks, loves gambling, and has a lot of money.

High Roller Bonus in the online casino

High Roller loyalty is rewarded with additional attention from the casino; they are the best customers, after all. Depending on how high the budget is, the high roller can receive special bonuses and privileges, such as free nights in penthouses and suites in casino resorts or even private jet flights. High rollers, also known as whales, are the best thing that can happen on a stormy night for a casino operator.

High Roller Casino

Every casino player loves to imagine himself as a high roller: someone who is showered with exclusive gifts and needs to be treated very well for that player to leave their money at this chosen casino! Additional bonuses, great chances of winning, and extremely exclusive events and opportunities are not available to everyone, but only to those with good taste and a lot of money.

What you need to know about High Rollers:

  • High rollers are players with a huge budget who love to use it in the casino. Since it is so lucrative for providers, that is why such players receive a special status.
  • In casinos, high rollers benefit primarily from higher credit lines and better bonus terms than regular players.
  • There are specialized online casinos that specialize in games and services for high rollers.

How do High Rollers play?

The high roller has one significant advantage: a large bankroll. This is especially important if you are playing a long-term strategy, and you need to be patient to make your bets pay off.

High rollers also like to keep themselves apart: they want to play with people who can play at their maximum level.

This can often be seen in movies: High rollers are offered a completely different and much more enjoyable service. This is important not only for high rollers but also for other players with a small bankroll.

In addition, the limits are also entirely different. For high rollers, the limits are sometimes increased slightly or removed completely. Sure, this will make the games more fun, but it will be quite difficult for someone on a budget to keep up with them.

How to become a High Roller?

This is why there are additional rooms for high rollers – both in land-based casinos and on the Internet – with special bonuses and guaranteed privacy. High rollers can count on personalized service because they place huge bets. They are considered “secret celebrities” in the casino and can increase their already high stakes in minutes. Most can only dream about it!

You have to meet specific criteria as a high roller – spend a certain amount of money or climb to a certain level in the VIP system in an online casino. Usually, the casino comes to the players to inform them that they are considered high rollers and can now receive specific bonuses.

Unfortunately, you can’t just become a high roller by playing a little more than usual. A high roller must always wager a certain amount to qualify for this status. This is best compared to status miles with an airline: winning a prize is not easy, and it always comes with money.

High Roller Benefits

One of the biggest benefits for trusted high rollers is the credit line they receive from the casino. Even if high rollers come out with many losses, they have the privilege of continuing to play on casino credit and paying off their debts with potential winnings. Since they are well-known and most of the time trusted by the casino, high rollers always have this bonus.

High Roller Benefits

But when are you a high roller? The number of bets depends entirely on the casino, but bets above $40,000 are considered high in most cases. Since the table limits for high rollers are different from those for regular players, casinos can host incredibly exciting games and tournaments here.

But not every casino can afford it. Due to the volatility of results, a casino must have powerful financial resources to offer a bet limit of up to $1,000,000 (for example, in Macau). This is why high rollers choose their casinos very carefully: are their favorite games offered at the appropriate limits? Can you guarantee an outstanding loan? How are high rollers compared to other casinos?

Lifestyle and leisure for High Rollers

Most people would like to be high rollers, above all, to enjoy an appropriate lifestyle: fancy cars, spontaneous casino flights, a great stay, luxury, and, of course, the fact that being a high roller is like being a king.

However, there have been people who cheated and lied to raise large sums of money to play in the casino in the history of high rollers. But these are not real high rollers. Real high rollers have enough capital and can sometimes lose. For them, this is just one entertainment.

However, they are considered an exception among casino visitors. Most casino players are relatively well off, but they will never spend such large amounts of money. While the high roller does not generate much revenue for the casino in general, the services and effort you put into your favorite players can be worthwhile. If the high roller loses money, he loses a lot. As a rule, this is a huge amount that the casino can live on for a long time.

VIP programs

The VIP programs, which are offered exclusively for high rollers, are incredibly useful and exciting. They are provided to loyal long-time casino players as well as high stakes players. And the longer you play at online casinos, the more VIP programs you can get. In the best case, the player will rise to the highest status of the loyalty program and receive the corresponding privileges. Major casinos have long understood that it is worth rewarding players who spend a lot of time in online casinos accordingly.

VIP players have unlimited access to special tournaments and promotions, and they usually accumulate bonus points faster than “regular” casino players. Casinos do their best to stand out with their VIP programs, and as a result, they get better over time.

Almost all online casinos offer loyalty programs for VIPs. They are different from each other, but they have a lot in common. It’s all about gaining points by playing more. These points can then be redeemed for rewards or material prizes such as goods or tournament tickets. The higher the VIP status, the more valuable and exclusive the awards become. Thus, VIP status is similar to the high roller bonus, but all players can earn it.


Of course, high roller players are found not only in real but also in online casinos. Generally, it’s probably the more low-key gambler who doesn’t want to get on a plane and spend his money in Las Vegas – although financially, he probably could.

He would rather gamble a little while on the move, from his couch at home, or while jetting around the world to a business meeting. This is possible for him because online casinos also offer their high rollers specific attractive bonuses and services!

For example, you get a dedicated support line and, of course, much better payment terms. You can sit down at the table first in a live casino, and here you also have your rooms to play with higher limits.

As with a regular casino in Australia, the most important factor is the increased line of credit. Again, this mainly depends on which online casino the high roller is playing at. As a loyal, high-cost customer, he has a superior position – even if the entire game is only online!