Cashback Bonus in Australian Online Casinos 2021

Cashback is also offered as a bonus at a growing number of Australian online casinos. However, this bonus can be misleading because many providers also refer to certain loyalty programs as “Cashback.” We want to explain the difference between a real cashback bonus and a cashback bonus program in our review.

What is a cashback casino?

The casinos that offer so-called cashback want to protect you from leaving the casino without money. This can happen if you bet too big or go all-in in poker, and you will lose your money! Therefore, many online casinos offer 10% cashback. This means: if you bet $100 and lose everything, you will still get $10 back!

Many of these cashback bonuses come with very specific bets and conditions. This means that you do not get this cashback directly with every loss at every casino, but it is tied to wagering requirements or certain games. Therefore, we always advise you to read the conditions before registering carefully! Experienced players know: sometimes, it is even worth giving up the bonus!

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Some casinos even offer cashback every week. With these online providers, you don’t have to lose your entire deposit; you automatically get back a certain amount of money playing on your losses in a week. Therefore, the cashback bonus is very similar to the regularly recurring welcome bonus. However, it should be noted that the wagering requirements are much stricter here.

Sometimes activations of individual bonus programs also exclude each other. Therefore, if you want to use the cashback bonus, you need to check your player account to see if it can be merged and, if so, is it worth it. For example, in some casinos, you can choose a cashback bonus or a welcome bonus. You should carefully study these offers; otherwise, you will be unhappy with missed terms or missed opportunities.

Cashback bonus program

The cashback bonus program is entirely different. Many casinos offer this program that wants to reward their players for their loyalty, and it works similarly to cashback. You get points for a certain number of chips used. This can vary from casino to casino and game to game. For example: in an online casino, you get one point for 10 chips in slot jackpots, video poker, or pokies.

For every point you score, you again get a fixed amount. Here, too, each online casino has its exchange rates for the corresponding cashback program. But this does not happen automatically! The condition for exchanging cashback points for real money or play money: you must reach a certain minimum turnover.

Find the best cashback bonus

The best cashback bonus is just as hard or easy to find as the best welcome bonus. It all depends on your personal preferences and, of course, on the online casino’s terms and conditions. Remember one thing: no money in online casinos can be given away for free. There is always something to think about.

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Is there a catch with the Cashback Bonus?

As with any bonus, the same applies here to read the online casino user conditions for a particular bonus program. You should make sure that the games you want to play are also included in the bonus. Some games - mostly table and classic games such as blackjack and roulette - are excluded from the bonus scheme. So before you get discouraged, pay attention! We can say: games that do not have a high edge and do not bring a lot of money to the casino are excluded from cashback bonuses. But this can differ from supplier to supplier.

You should also keep track of all wagering requirements and limits. There are no hard and fast rules. Some online casinos allow you to get a maximum cashback bonus of up to $100, others up to $500 per month. But you can only find out something like this if you have carefully studied the general conditions!

Will I be able to meet the wagering requirements?

Meeting the wagering requirements at one casino is not an easy decision and should be taken seriously. After carefully studying the online casino cashback program, you need to figure out how much you need to bet to receive cashback. If your bankroll can handle it, then nothing gets in the way. But it makes no sense to register at an online casino just because you want to get a cashback bonus - and then not go through the entire bonus program! It would help if you always considered other factors when deciding: casino quality, design, other benefits, and having your favorite games in your gaming portfolio.

How regularly are cashback bonuses paid out?

Since every online casino provider operates by its own rules, you must first determine your personal preferences to compare the best casinos later. Some casinos offer a weekly cashback bonus, while others operate on a more conservative monthly basis. Thus, you should check the casino schedule before registering.

Is there always the cashback bonus in the casino?

While some casinos have firmly integrated the cashback bonus into their offer and make it a central factor on their platform, others only offer it at certain times or days of the month. In addition, you have to pay attention to when which games are activated for the cashback bonus - this can also change from time to time and from casino to casino! If you are looking for a regular cashback payout, you should avoid short-term offers that only run the offer a few times a year.

Cashback bonus: is it worth it?

The nice thing about the cashback bonus is, of course, that you never leave the casino without money. However, it is possible that this bonus cannot be withdrawn. That means: You get money credited to your player account, but you cannot exchange it for real money; you can continue to play with it.

It is also quite possible that the bonus is tied to wagering requirements before its winnings can be withdrawn. As a player, you should inform yourself in any case before you choose the online casinos according to this criterion.