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The guidelines of roulette

rouletteRoulette offers players a good range of gambling choices such ‘inside bets’ during which you place an precise bet on a number or you could go for an ‘outside’ bet where you select bets on more than one or a group of pockets. Most casinos will have rules on limits on the most you can bet and use a selection of coloured chips that depend on the type of bet. Gamblers can also choose to put in another bet whilst the wheel is spinning until the dealer announces no more bets. The winning pocket is then be decided by where the ball finally lands in the roulette wheel, the winning player can then either take their winnings or carry on betting.

Where can I play roulette online?

Roulette is played in a wide variety of places so you can choose to go down to a casino to play in person and witness first hand the level of competitiveness and social atmosphere – you might even choose to go down to Las Vegas itself! If this doesn’t really appeal to you there’s always the option of playing at home as a diverse range of roulette tables are available on the market, from less costly basic tables to professional top of the range roulette sets. Alternatively you could play online roulette with many gambling sites allowing you to play free for the first rounds – just make sure that you stay with trusted gambling sites and never spend money on a site you don’t recognise.

Tips for playing roulette

Playing roulette mainly depends on luck but there are still factors that you can take into account to make sure that you have a successful game. The first thing you should consider is setting yourself a limit on the amount of money to play with so that you don’t panic and try to win back any losses you’ve made. Also remember to not get scammed through pricey online systems that say they can make you win each round and lastly remember to take it easy and enjoy the game and know when you’ve spent enough.

The origins of roulette

Roulette was conceived during the 18th Century using elements from English wheel games like Ace of Hearts and Reiner. The modern version was first seen possibly as early as 1796, then during 1843 Louis Blanc invented the ground-breaking single 0 roulette wheel which created competition to casinos only offering the double 0 layout. Roulette is still one of the most popular games for players across the world, ranging from hotels and casinos in Europe to entertainment resorts in Las Vegas.

Types of roulette

Two sorts of roulette are usually on offer in casinos – these are called European and American. There is also a French version available. However most modern casinos use the previous two variations. The American roulette variation uses a double zero whereas the European table layout does not – this actually puts the house edge in favour of the player. The European variation also gives the option to play the en prison rule which give gamblers the chance to surrender 50% of any outside bets they’ve placed or leave them until the next game if zero turns up.

Strategy for roulette | How to win roulette | Free roulette

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Online roulette guide – Strategy of roulette

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What is the best roulette strategy?

When you begin to play roulette online you’ll quickly find that the game revolves purely around luck and chance, however there are some roulette strategies online that many professional roulette players swear by. The Reverse Martingale roulette betting system is easily classed as the most popular – a large majority of the population believe this is the simplest betting system available for roulette, however like many roulette betting strategies, it’s not considered to overly successful. As part of this system, a player must double his wager every time he loses and must place a wager equal in size to the original bet every time he wins – this ultimately means that there is no limit or cap for losses. The Labouchere strategy is another popular roulette betting system. The Labouchere or Split Martingale system involves players picking a sequence of numbers and adding/crossing out numbers to the chain as they win or lose. The Labouchere system is regarded as a more complex system than the Martingale system and is not used by a large majority of professional roulette players. Search to find the best roulette tips on the internet today.

Information for online roulette players

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Why choose roulette downloads?

Many kinds of online gambler choose roulette downloads including seasoned experts and newer roulette players. This because it offers a diverse range of advantages that taking part in other games such as craps and blackjack in a casino can’t offer its customers. Roulette downloads let you gamble right from the comfort of your own home. This means that no matter what the weather is like or how you’re dressed you can play high quality roulette. What’s more, many roulette downloads are free and often gambling sites such as William Hill give away free plays for newcomers. So why wait any longer? Start playing today!

Rules of roulette – Respect roulette table traditions

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How the roulette table works

A roulette table differs in layout depending on whether you are in Europe or America but the one constant remains – roulette is played on a rectangular surface with a roulette spinning wheel. European roulette tables have 37 digits going from 0-36, and a gambler can bet by placing chips on any number. American games of roulette differ slightly because of the advent of the ’00’ which raises the odds of a gamer when playing American roulette rules. Inside bets can be made by placing chips on any of the roulette numbers within the roulette boxes. Outside bets meanwhile can be placed in boxes on the side of the numbered area and can cover up to 18 numbers at a time. These outside bets allow for betting on a red or a black number coming up, numbers between 1-19, as well as high a ball resting on numbers or even numbers on the wheel.

Roulette strategies | Internet roulette | Winning roulette system

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Winning roulette techniques – Easy roulette secrets

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Advantages to using a Roulette strategy forum

Haven’t got the savings to pay for an expensive holiday to Las Vegas and try your hand at an entertaining game of 21, blackjack or poker? Opt for online roulette and you’ll be able to play from exactly where you are! Search forums and discussion boards for assistance with cheats, strategies and techniques from specialist roulette experts that will inform you of all the secrets and hidden tools. Write messages for other users of chat rooms outlining what you want help on, whether that be points on which site to opt for, how much cash to use upfront and when to cash in. Ensure you talk to them about any tricks of the trade that you’ve got knowledge of and you could get a helpful tutorial back from a specialist strategist. To find all the casino answers you need choose forum on roulette strategy immediately so you can hit a winning streak.

American-styled roulette wheels – Roulette wheels in Europe

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Roulette wheel characteristics | Playing on the roulette wheel | American and European roulette wheels

There are two different roulette wheels which can be used – the American wheel and the European wheel. One of the key things to understand about roulette is that the American roulette wheel has single and double zeros, which contrasts with the single zero panel on a European roulette wheel. Something else to consider is that on an American roulette wheel the numbers are placed in pairs opposite of each other. The European roulette wheel it has been proven, gives a gamer a better opportunity to win compared with an American roulette wheel. Whilst there have been many attempts made to triumph against the roulette wheel, such as Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo’s predictions at the Casino de Madrid, there have been no successes away from the short term.