Reputable Australian Online Casinos for 2021

Australia has experienced a boom in the online casino industry in recent years. Officially licensed EU and US online casino providers can now offer their games to Australian citizens thanks to the freedom to provide services. Players can play with confidence in a casino licensed in the EU, UK, or US without any problems.

Reputable Casinos

But Australia also has a quasi-monopoly for government-licensed casinos. In addition to the land-based offerings, there is now also a government-owned online casino from Australia. Have you heard of that already? But competition from Malta and the rest of Europe remains attractive and legally safe for Australian players.

We have gathered here the best reliable casinos in Australia

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Quick Facts: Reputable Online Casinos in Australia

  1. There are government-owned online casinos as well as platforms licensed in the EU, UK, or US.
  2. Australian players can play legally without hesitation.
  3. Casino winnings are tax-deductible for Australians.

Online casinos for players from Australia

Many Australian players do not know what to look for when choosing the right online casino and what information they need to play safely online, so country-specific data is collected here.

Find Australian Online Casinos

If you want to register with a foreign provider, you should first look for positive reviews.

Licenses are also hugely important because even though they are not permitted in Australia, other countries are still responsible for the legal framework. Officially licensed online casinos cannot afford to lose this status through fraud.

There are still differences in customer service, offers, game content, and payout wait times. Therefore, it is very important to study the offers and reviews of online providers. In our online casino top list above, you will find the best reputable Australian casinos we have tested!

Criteria for choosing a good casino

When evaluating a casino, we paid attention to these criteria:

  • Security: How safe are casino cash deposits? Only those casinos that you can trust are included in our lists.
  • Fairness: Can a casino guarantee that all games are fair and safe? Only casinos that are regularly audited by independent regulatory organizations have a chance to get into our lists.
  • Legal certainty: is the casino licensed in Australia or the EU? At best, we need a casino licensed in Australia, but European licenses also guarantee the player’s legal safety.
  • Odds: How Good Are Casino Payout Percentages? Casinos with higher payout percentages and low casino edge are rated better by us than casinos with low odds.
  • Game selection: how many different games does the casino offer? More games, especially good and new ones, are a plus in our eyes.
  • Software: How good is the casino software? If games run through HTML5 in a browser and without problems on mobile devices, this is also a plus in our ratings.

The legal situation for Australian casino players

As an Australian, can you play online overseas?

European providers’ participation in online gambling is officially prohibited in Australia, but not punishable by law.

Since gambling outside of licensed Australian operators is also prohibited on the internet, Australian citizens cannot play officially at online casinos. This applies to typical gambling.

However, this ban violates Australia’s freedom to provide services. Casinos licensed in Malta – and therefore in the EU – can offer games to all EU citizens and worldwide, except a few countries (Australia is not one of those countries). Players will not be held liable due to differences between Australian and European law. Gambling is not a criminal offense, but just a so-called administrative offense.

Gaming licenses from Gibraltar and Malta

Due to the new EU gambling monopoly rules and existing laws, some terms and conditions will soon be changed. Due to the massive boom in online gambling and official European providers’ availability, Australian gambling organizations will soon no longer force their citizens to leave illegally if they want to gamble.

A special case of poker and online poker in Australia

The popular card poker game has been removed from the Australian gambling monopoly. Poker tournaments can be organized in Australian restaurants, and gambling is permitted, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. However, only if the game is organized with small amounts. The so-called “fun game” is critical to this definition.

Freerolls are gambling games organized by entrepreneurs with bets and cash prizes. This means that you can participate in the free poker tournament at the restaurant if you are playing for small amounts, and no one benefits from it. There can be no sponsorship, no food or drink price hikes, and no outrageous jackpot.

Online poker is very different: there is no place for social pastime, but only promotes addiction and removes the state monopoly. This means: online poker remains officially illegal for the player and provider! But there is no persecution here either.

Australian casino winnings tax liability

Do you need to pay taxes on profits in Australia?

In Australia, gambling winnings are generally not taxed.

Also, in Australia, like online casino winnings in the UK, gambling winnings are tax-free. Thus, if you win, for example, the state lottery, you can keep your winnings in full, as it cannot be classified as income. This also applies to sports betting.

Only those who win their money through professional gambling (for example, as a poker player in tournaments) must declare and pay taxes on their income.