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A history of the blackjack game

blackjack The casino classic ‘blackjack’ was previously known as ‘twenty-one’, which was mentioned in a Miguel de Cervantes book. The Spanish wordsmith noted that the game ‘ventiuna’ (meaning 21 in Spanish) focussed on achieving twenty one points before going bust. When we talk a about a hand of blackjack today we refer to it as being any hand with an ace and a ten or a face card, not necessarily the jack of clubs or jack of spades, adding up to a score of 21. Blackjack is a game that’s played by a host of people from all over the world and it is incredibly popular online as it has almost no house edge. The game is player versus dealer so there’s no need to be stressed about other players in the slightest.

Information on blackjack

Blackjack is a game of cards which can be set in a casino or it can be played as video blackjack on the internet. People from across the world participate in blackjack mainly because of its winning combination of skill, luck and strategy. The principle aim of blackjack is to make 21 without going over that number and therefore beating the dealer. Every card dealt is worth a different amount with the numbered cards up to ten being worth exactly their face value, each face card (jack, queen and king) worth 10 points and the aces totalling either a one or 11 at your discretion. If the first two cards dealt to you equal 21, you are victorious right off the bat and is known as ‘blackjack’.

Blackjack rules

When getting involved in a game of blackjack in a casino you will be initially required to place your bet before being dealt a hand of cards. It is not an issue if you show your hand to other players or even the person handing out the cards as the dealer has no say in how his hand is played in the long run. The rules can change from casino to casino and you may be playing ‘dealer stands on all 17s’ where the dealer takes cards until he hits 17 or greater or you might play ‘dealer hits soft 17’ where the game players have to wait until the dealer reaches a soft total of 17. Essentially the hand must be played by the dealer until he at least reaches 17 or surpasses a total of 21 and busts.

Video blackjack

Blackjack is not a game that can only be played in a casino. There are other ways to indulge in your favourite card game such as online or electronic blackjack, which incorporates old rules with modern online gambling techniques. The house usually the house wins in online blackjack but this shouldn’t stop you, as there is every chance you could win big! In video blackjack games a fresh shoe is dealt out in each coup which makes it much harder to count cards. Yet, online blackjack is a superb way to boost your gambling skill level and sharpen your strategy, which can assist you in beating the dealer. Plus the house edge is non-existent!

Playing blackjack

The first thing to do when setting up blackjack is to set the betting parameters and then choose a table. Following this you will buy chips from the dealer, place your bet and receive your hand of cards. The key to winning is to hit 21 or come as close to it as possible without going over the limit and by doing this defeating the dealer with your total. The cards between two and ten equal their face value while the aces can be either one 1 or 11 points and the jack, king and queen have a value of ten.

Playing the Blackjack odds | Blackjack gaming | Blackjack strategies

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Stacking the Blackjack odds so they can be helpful to you – Strategies for Blackjack

What are blackjack odds? When playing blackjack there are a couple of strategies that you can take. Some gamblers will try various techniques to work out blackjack odds, a great deal of which involve trying to calculate which card will appear next. The most common of these techniques is known as counting cards. Players will try to calculate the ratio of high to low cards in Blackjack so that they can work out the odds of cards appearing. However, no one has ever conclusively proved that this works and it is an incredibly hard skill to master. In all honesty the only real strategy you can implement whilst playing blackjack is to set yourself a decent spending limit and to know when it’s time to leave a game.

Blackjack strategy information | Tips for blackjack players | Blackjack gaming advice

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Blackjack strategy advice for card gamers

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Blackjack tips

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