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New Australian Online Casinos 2019

In the world of online gaming, new casinos are constantly appearing, and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. Everyone will have their own generous bonus offer and the latest games. We have conducted the most stringent tests on the new Australian casinos to determine which ones were most useful. You can read our feedback on the new online casinos on this site, but if you want to know what distinguishes the new casinos from the old ones, and what you need to consider when registering at the new online casinos, then read on.

Advantages of New Online Casinos in Australia

Best Chance to Play

The main task of the new casinos at first is to attract customers to the site and build a base of satisfied and loyal players. This means that they will want to offer games with good odds so that people are more likely to win. This result will make the player leave a positive comment on the test sites and recommend it to others. All of this contributes to the good reputation of the new casino operator in the Australian market.

Highest Return To Player (RTP)

Another tactic that new casinos are looking for is to ensure that the advantage of the casino is not too high, as this will not encourage new customers to continue playing. This means that their rate of return for the player will be as good as possible. An abundance of games such as American roulette will have a significant advantage for the casino and therefore will not enjoy such popularity. RTP is a term used to refer to all slot machines. RTP is a number that determines the amount of money that needs to be returned to the player over time.

Unique and Exciting Bonus Offers

Signing up for the new casino website and reviewing bonuses and offers is fun. New operators can create unique and generous offers that encourage players to start playing, significantly improving their gameplay. The choice of the new casino site is largely focused on the search for promotions that offer the best bonus offers for your style of play. You can be sure that new operators will want players to enjoy their first games as much as possible.

Optimized for Mobile Phones

Casino operators are increasingly recognizing the popularity of mobile applications and mobile games. Whether it’s a special application or a specially optimized mobile site that is efficiently downloaded to mobile devices, this is extremely important because many players will want to access their favorite games on the go. How would it be convenient to play any casino games heading from Melbourne to Sydney, isn’t it? Make mobile games an increasingly important priority, especially for new casino sites. Many of them create mobile games first of all.

Wide Range of Games

When creating new casino sites you need to consider not only the chances, benefits and RTP, but also the library of games. If the new site all the games are similar, or has only one style of play, the new player is bored and he leaves quickly. That’s why it’s important to subscribe to multiple software vendors and make sure that different types of games are available. Sites that offer slot machines, pokies, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and more will be more successful than those that offer only a wide range of identical slot machines.

Quality Customer Service

Casino operators must quickly and professionally solve any problems of their players. Live chat is not mandatory, but more and more operators are making this service available 24 hours a day because of the intense competition among casinos. While live chat is used by a large number of casino players, the availability of email support, dedicated phone lines and FAQ pages is a must. The Frequently Asked Questions page, which answers most customer questions, ensures that the support lines are not overloaded by customers who need help.

The drawbacks of Australia’s new online casinos

The new brand hasn’t yet gained the trust

The identity of the new casino is relatively unknown and will depend on the quality of customer service and positive feedback to form their reputation. For this reason, there is no evidence that players are looking for new and reputable casino sites, as they are new. Players take a little risk by choosing a new site. For this reason, those who want to play safely, can choose an established and reliable brand.

Inexperience in gambling business

With the advent of new casino operators, problems are likely to arise in various areas. These can be problems on the site, the correct variety of games, the availability of different payment methods and ensuring the necessary quality of customer service. As a result, some players will want to use long-established operators to meet their needs.

There are likely to be challenges

Some new casino sites will be successful, but some operators will have to close down for a variety of reasons. This could be a lack of interest from players, bad advertising, negative comments on the site or many other reasons. But when this happens, the finances of existing customers may be compromised. For this reason, some people prefer to choose older casino sites because of their stronger commercial presence in Australia.

How to choose a new online casino site?

When choosing a new online casino you need to consider several factors. Fortunately, you have the top 10 casinos at your disposal at Here are a few questions you should ask yourself while searching:

Is the casino site legal and secure?

In order for casino sites that offer games in some jurisdictions to function, you must have a legitimate gambling license. All sites mentioned here in CasinoCarignan are protected and regulated by a reputable third party.

What games can I play?

First of all, before making a final decision, check whether demos or free game modes are available. Some casino operators are so new that their game libraries leave much to be desired. Be sure to check out the games offered and the software vendors with which they are associated.

Are there exclusive bonuses?

Yes, even if they don’t last forever, it’s always worth checking out which of the new bonus offers are best for you before you start playing.

What payment options are available?

With a range of payment methods available, the casino operator takes into account the needs of the customer and recognizes that not everyone will want to use an e-wallet, such as Neteller or Skrill, or traditional credit or debit cards. If the site offers only one or two payment methods, and this method is not suitable for you, it may be preferable to choose another.

What to avoid on a new online casino site

If a site is poorly designed, complex to navigate, and does not look very professional, it is an alarm, and you should avoid such sites.

Technical problems

Problems of downloading games, links that do not work, problems with page loading and other technical problems are good reasons not to continue browsing this site.

Contact information

Every reputable casino site should display contact information, whether it is a phone number, email address or social media profiles. If this information does not appear on the site, it is not reliable or has not been verified.

Gambling license information

Licensed information is a legal obligation for sites to operate under the relevant gambling licenses, and if the site does not provide information about where they have obtained their license, they may not operate legally.

Small selection of games

You may have a particular casino game or genre that you like, but sometimes you may want to play something else. If the casino site does not offer a variety of games, it means that they are not trying to attract players.

No security information

Every player wants to know that their personal and financial information is safe, and if it cannot be verified on the casino website, they are unlikely to register.

Bad reviews

This is the biggest sign that the casino site is not worth your time. If many other players have written to warn others to stay away, it is a good idea to listen to them!

FAQ’s About New Online Casinos

Can I register on several new casino sites?

It is possible to register at several casino sites at once, and this applies to both new and existing casinos. No rule says you have to delete one account if you are creating a new one at another casino. The only prohibited action is to access the same account from more than one person. Several members of the same family may have accounts on the same casino site. These must all be separate accounts. Keep in mind that if you have accounts at several casino sites, then you are less likely to have the advantages of being a loyal customer.

Do I need to register for a new casino site that has negative reviews but looks good?

You usually register on the site at your own risk. Internet users attach great importance to other people’s comments, especially in situations where they invest their money. This is why so many products and services are based on sharing the truth about your personal experience. You decide what to say in the comments. For example, if customers complain about the absence of games on slot machines, the problem may not be too serious. But if there are a few complaints about fraud or loss of money, it is better to stay away from this casino.

Why is it necessary to audit new casinos?

All new casino sites have to be audited and checked regularly by third parties. This adds an additional level of reliability to their business and reputation, as customers can be sure that unauthorized persons have confirmed that they are working safely and legally. They will know that payments for the games are fair, each with completely random results, and there are no fraudulent issues such as money laundering or irresponsible advertising. This will convince players to register and convince them that they should not have any problems.

Where can I find the license information for a new casino?

Licensing information for any casino site, including new casinos, should be easy to find. This information is detailed at the bottom of the site and you can see which authority has issued the license. You can also search the Internet for casino reviews to check this information. If the license data is not displayed at the bottom of the site page, it may be printed in small print, where the terms and conditions are located, or in the About Us section of the site. You can also contact customer service for more information about their licenses. If there is no license information, registration on the site can be risky, as there may be no protection for players who face problems during the game.

How do I know if my new casino site is safe?

There are many ways to check the security of your casino operator. For example, you can check the URL bar of the browser you are using to access the site and see if there is a lock next to the first part of the address. In this case, this means that the site is secure because it uses an SSL connection and you can provide information such as payment or contact details. Otherwise, registering on this site may not be appropriate.

Methods such as two-factor authentication, where you need to verify the connection using your mobile phone or email code, can provide the necessary security for peace of mind.

The terms and conditions of each reputable Australian casino site will include detailed information about SSL encryption or other information about how financial and customer information is stored to protect against third parties or cybercriminals.

Does the new casino have a live chat room for customer service?

Although live chat does not have to be part of the casino’s customer service, more and more sites realize that this option is a more attractive feature when customers are looking for casino sites where they can create an account. There should be at least one way to contact customer service and most people will want to get immediate answers to their questions.

While this can be done through a phone call, queues and waiting times can be disadvantageous. With most online chat options, communication is instant, and online representatives can provide immediate useful advice. In an increasingly competitive environment, most new casino sites will try to have live chat rooms as part of their standard customer service.

Future of new casino sites

In the future, casino games in virtual reality will become more and more common, as well as new games such as narrow-nosed slot machines. As slot machines and pokies are popular in Australia, they will be more widely used by software developers and reach new casino sites.

Payment methods will also become more diverse. Games such as progressive jackpots with live dealers also need to increase, especially with new casino sites that recognize the popularity of this trend.