Live Dealer Baccarat Australia 2021

Enjoy the casino right at home by playing Live Baccarat online! Instead of going to the casino to play against the dealer, the dealer will come straight to you. This way, you can get the best of both worlds: landline casino and online casino.

Live Baccarat Features:

  • See live streaming from the live casino baccarat table;
  • Your cards and the cards of other players are dealt with by the real dealer;
  • Select your bet on the screen, like in an online casino;
  • You will have a real casino experience delivered to your home;
  • Watch the real dealer shuffle and deal cards;
  • You can chat with other players at the table.

Live Baccarat – Play With Live Dealers in a Live Casino

When you play Live Baccarat, you are playing against real dealers in live casinos, but you can see it in real-time on your computer screen. Instead of playing against a computer program, the real dealer shuffles the cards, deals them, goes to the third card – and you can easily experience it all from home or from anywhere.

Rules – How to Play Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

You need to know: Live Baccarat’s user interface is very similar to that of classic online baccarat. You place your bet by clicking any field on the screen. Like in live casino baccarat or online baccarat, you can bet on one of three options: player, bank, or draw.

Find out the minimum or maximum allowed bet on the pages of the casino you want to play. The minimum bets in Live Baccarat are usually slightly higher than in regular online baccarat to offset the costs of video production and dealer fees.

Several players at the table will also be playing live. You can exchange ideas with other players via chat and thus get a sense of community, which can also be experienced in a real casino. You won’t be able to experience this sense of community in regular online baccarat.

The dealer uses real cards instead of digital cards. He shuffles the cards and deals two cards to each player and banker. The dealer deals with the third card following the “third card rule.” You can learn more about this rule below.

The game’s goal is to get as close as possible to 9 points by the number of cards. The live dealer collects points and, if necessary, continues to act according to the predetermined rule of the third card. If you win, the amount will be credited to your online casino account, and you can withdraw your winnings using your preferred banking method. To make a positive profit, you can find information here: Baccarat Money Management.

If you want to experience for the first time what it is like to play Live Baccarat, there is a whole series of videos in which you can see how such a Live Baccarat casino is set up and how the game works. Then you can safely assess whether regular online baccarat is more suitable for you than a live baccarat game.

Live Baccarat Benefits

  • You can play against a live dealer without leaving your home;
  • Distrustful gamblers may feel safe as you can watch the dealer shuffle and deal cards;
  • You can play anytime;
  • You can improve the live game by interacting with the dealer and other players at the table;
  • Play with real cards instead of digital ones;
  • The advantage of the casino in online baccarat and live baccarat is no different.

Game Progress

At the beginning of each game, the dealer shuffles cards and deals two cards to the player and the banker. The object of the game is to score nine points using two cards.

Live baccarat is extremely simple: you only need to place one of three possible bets. In the user interface, you either choose a bet to get the banker or player as close as possible to nine points or choose to draw.

You can easily calculate how many points you have. Cards 2-9 have their denomination, 10 or a card with a picture brings 0 points, an ace gives 1 point. If you have 7 and 10, you only have 7 points because 10 is worth nothing.

A set of rules described below determines the receipt by the player and banker of the third card. After the third card rule is applied, the player closest to 9 points wins. When you bet on this hand, you win your bet.

Live Baccarat Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play on the go (on my smartphone or tablet)?

Several online casinos offer live baccarat on the go. This variant of baccarat is still often played on the computer.

Is there free live baccarat?

Most of the time, you cannot practice for free because the production costs of creating live streams and hiring a dealer are too high. However, you can watch the baccarat videos offered by the casino to get a feel for the vibe of a live casino. In some online casinos, you can watch the progress of the game before making a deposit.

This is where you can practice regular baccarat: free baccarat.

Are there different variants of Live Baccarat?

It would be best to look at each casino to find out which version of Live Baccarat is offered there. Live baccarat is usually played at the classic baccarat table, but there is also mini-baccarat. There are fewer players at a smaller table. Sometimes Chemin de Fer is also offered, a classic French version of baccarat often found in European online casinos.

Are the odds of online baccarat and live baccarat different?

No, the odds are the same in both baccarat games, but there may be slight differences between online casinos.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of winning, you should read our baccarat strategy tips or try it out at the best baccarat casino!